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Au Lait sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Au Lait is one of those perfumes whose scent is entirely true to its name: sweet, soft, milky comfort. Au Lait falls into the category known as "skin scents," which stay close to the skin and project a slight sweetness that is almost an enhanced version of natural skin. Breathing in Au Lait is like holding your nose above a fresh, hot vanilla latte and smelling the foamy, steamed milk. It's ideal for casual evenings, bedtime relaxation, a post-bath spritz, or the days when you want something with a gentler presence. Notes include warm milk, sweet cream, ambrette seed, buttercream accord, tonka bean, French vanilla, and Special Formula X.
  • Dawn Spencer Hurwitz is a niche perfumer based on Boulder, Co. She began her perfumery career in Boston's Essence Perfumery. Dawn is a prolific creator, regularly launching scents under her own line as well as aroma-artistic collaborations with the Denver Art Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and others. For more information, visit  www.dshperfumes.com.   
  • Au Lait is inspired by the sweet simplicity of a touch of warm millk before bedtime on a cozy evening in.