Histoires de Parfums

Ambre 114

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    Ambre 114 is a glowing amber scent with resinous whispers of herbs and caramel. The marvel of Ambre 114 is not that so many perfumistas and critics adore it but that so many adore it while reading it completely differently. On some, Ambre 114 tells an almost-gourmand story of sweetness, while on others it tells a story of dry, Saharan warmth. No matter how your skin interprets it, Ambre 114 is a perfect cozy companion in cooler temperatures.

    Notes include thyme, nutmeg, rose, geranium, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, amber, vanilla, tonka bean, benzoin, and musk. 

  • Histoires de Parfums, founded by Gérald Ghislain, is a French perfume house dedicated to creating an olfactive library that tells the stories of "famous characters, raw materials, and mythical years." Ghislain founded Histoires de Parfums in 2000 after completing his training at ISIPCA.

  • Ambre 114 was inspired by the radiant beauty of raw amber.