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    Take a step back to the irresistible Thirties. A decade of eroticism, excessiveness and audacity. Opulent and Art-Deco, women were freeing themselves, putting on makeup, wearing a dark red lipstick and accentuating their smoky eyes in a time when perfume becomes a real accessory, a second garment for women to indulge in. 30 ' by ONSKAD awakens with a complex explosion of pearly powder with shades of lipstick giving way to a velvety effect that is accentuated by the fiery energy of the rose fabrics, all wrapped in a gloriously wooded package. Close your eyes and you can see her, in the corner of a dimly light bar. Her long red velvet dress matches the red on her lips as she lights a cigar and hands it to her accompanying gentleman. Bergamot is ignited without disturbing the iridescent facets of the violet leaf. A golden tobacco and leather accord politely clashes with notes of styrax and birch nodding to a time when women came into their own, ready to take on whatever lies ahead of them.


    Notes include bergamot, amber, violet leaf, voluptuous rose, tobacco accord, styrax, castoreum, amyris wood, sandalwood, and birch.

  • ONSKAD, a French house by Virginie Dhoye that captures the femininity of each decade