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    Made with a whopping 3.896% of violet leaf absolute (a dark green, intense, and unforgiving material to work with) in the formula, O’Hello introduces itself by breaking the rules, and coming out all the more wearable because of it. A little citrus, a little aromatic, a little green, a little fougére, a little floral, a little woody, leave it up to Daniel Gallagher to give us another fragrance that wows the senses! The warm and luscious, crispy green of violet leaf takes its hints of floral, and lends them to the heart bouquet of sunny, sugared orange blossom, indulgent, milky ylang-ylang and jasmine, all bookended by a citrus-aromatic opening rife with bitter orange, bergamot, snappy basil and ginger, and an earthy-dewy green drydown that lives within a beautiful, foggy texture of “Velvetwood” – a special accord made up of sweet, woody musk notes that makes the finish drift across your skin like a cloud.

    A five-star choice for spring and summer, O’Hello still manages to greet you with all the depth and warmth of a winter fragrance at the same time. Oh yeah, and it has a wear time that’ll knock your socks off. But we’ll stop talking about things that defy description. Just put it on already!


    Notes include sweet basil, bigarade, bergamot, green mandarin, ginger, neroli, violet leaf, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang, tuberose, orris butter, velvetwood, oakmoss, patchouli and musk.


  • Daniel Gallagher is an artisan perfumer who is based in Texas and also happens to be an Air Force Major. How cool is that? Learn more about Gallagher Fragrances in our BLOG.