Gallagher Fragrances


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    Say hello to fizzy champagne with that floral-apple sweetness. Mouthwatering blueberry appears as the little bubbles pop - so realistic you can almost feel it on your tongue – as the depth of berry leans into that unmistakable floral-fruit, zinging intensity of blackcurrant, nimbly folded into a tender and honey-like bouquet of rosewater, neroli, and jasmine. All this blooming, dessert-like sweetness is hugged by the edginess of a decent dose of patchouli made significantly gentler by a coyly beckoning, but no less sexy, ambered tonka muskiness. Decadent as icing, silky as buttercream, sexy as sin, but elegant as an evening gown, this is a delicious and magical balance of everything a bottle of perfume should be. Poses severe risk of involuntary seductive smirks when inhaled by the wearer.

    Notes include champagne, blueberry compote, blackcurrant, rose water, iris, neroli, jasmine, sandalwood, tonka bean, patchouli, amber and musk.

  • Like the appearance of every pearl, the Pearlescent Collection by Gallagher Fragrances is inspired by uniqueness. Created by husband and wife duo, Daniel and Mindy Gallagher, an invitation is waiting for you to discover the world of niche perfume through the lens of this fragrant couple.