Easy Sunday | March 2020 Collection

It’s Sunday morning and you’ve slept later than usual. But rays of sun beckon from the window; it’s time to start the day. You pull back the curtains and greet the beautiful blue sky. The day is full of possibilities. Do you indulge in a lazy Sunday (who doesn’t love those?), a solo-adventure filling your wanderlust spirit or bestie meet-up in a cozy café? Or perhaps you are ready to crush the day-Sunday Funday awaits! Whichever you choose, these scents will inspire.

The March Collection for Women captures the spirit of a perfectly easy Sunday. Begin with Assam of India, the soft, pillowy lemon tea easing you into midmorning. As early afternoon approaches, you find yourself with friends in a warm corner café, a frothy chai latte transporting you to Jaipur. Later as the sun slips below the horizon, you sink into the warm, buttery cocoa notes of Amour de Cacao, its yumminess reminding you that easy Sundays can be achieved, with just a spritz, all week long. 

In the Women's Collection for March:

The March Collection for Men captures the easy spirit of a Sunday. Begin with Mention, which eases you into the morning with a crisp, citrus-forward fragrance (do you catch the hint of green apple here?). As afternoon approaches, you are feeling your stride and this is where Red Tobacco comes in with its incredibly potent and sexy vibe-hello Sunday! Finally, Blue Sage, a new release by Noteology, reminds you that the spirit of an easy Sunday is just waiting to be discovered, any day of the week.


In the Men's Collection for March:


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    The Deluxe Collection for March captures the easy spirit of a Sunday. Begin with Mention and Assam of India to ease into your morning with soft and crisp citrus and tea notes. As afternoon approaches, you get to decide…a corner café for lattes with Jaipur Chai or strut it out with the sexy confidence of Red Tobacco-hello Sunday! Your last two fragrances will remind you that easy Sundays can be achieved, with just a spritz, all week long. Blue Sage for adventure, Amour de Cacao for comfort, what’s your go to?

    In the Deluxe Collection for March:

    Deluxe Collection of 6 Fragrance Samples

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    Assam of India Berdoues $95.00
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    Red Tobacco Mancera $180.00
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