Scent Trek: NOLA

Are you ready for Scent Trek? A walk. A journey. A time set aside to discover. Come along with us to New Orleans for a day. Known as the “Big Easy”, the round-the-clock vibrancy of NOLA embodies a festive and diverse spirit. Explore this collection from left to right in your box as we take a scent trek across the city. Ready? Here we go….

In the Women's Collection for March, your morning starts with seductive petals found in the Garden District. Linger the streets and you take in the floral and fauna hidden among the Victorian homes steeped in history. 

The afternoon finds you strolling towards the French Quarter as you stop and sink into its soulful comfort. Perhaps you find yourself sitting on a bench next to an Emmy-winning violinist playing chords that goes straight into your heart. You are memorized. You sip a frothy vanilla latte and share a delicate and delicious beignet. The warmth is soothing.

Alas, you finish your day in a comfy casual Bourbon Street jazz café. Liquid amber cognac in your hand, chords playing in your ears and you end your evening soaking in the spicy heart of this great city.

In the Women's Collection for March:

In the Men's Collection for March, we start in the afternoon. It's New Orleans and we are ready to jump into the scene. A walk to Bourbon Street and it is already abuzz with excitement. Ready to dive in?

Sips of whiskey, a fine cigar and your favorite leather jacket keep you company as the tunes and swagger of Bourbon Street ignite all of your senses. You stroll the street of singers and songwriters and head to Frenchman Street for a bite to eat. Blues, jazz and zydeco are around every corner. You find your inner self tapping to the music and day turns into dark. 

Night falls, and you drift into a dimly lit jazz café buzzing with secrets. You settle into a night of mischief and tales (we won't tell anyone) and know that this night will be etched in memory for years to come.

As dawn breaks, you head back to your hotel and say to yourself, "wow, what a night." Now it's time to curl up in luxurious comfort, content after a night well spent. 

In the Men's Collection for March:

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