January 2017 for Men: Shortcuts

Traipsing through the frozen Siberian tundra would give you an awesome story and major toughness points. But it’s... maybe not so fun. (See: “frozen tundra.”) Shortcut: Try Russian Leather. It’s tough and tender.

Escaping to the private island of Mustique would be amazingand cost you a cool $20,000 per week. Shortcut: Try Memoires de Mustique. It’s almost like you were there.

Trying to impress with your knowledge of French history? Don’t be that guy. Shortcut: Try Attaquer le Soleil. You’ll smell so good that they’ll ask, and you can tell them it was inspired by the Marquis de Sade, a controversial guy and a great conversation starter.

Russian Leather
Russian Leather $250
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Memoires de Mustique
Memoires de Mustique $165
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Attaquer le Soleil
Attaquer le Soleil from $90
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You or Someone Like You
You or Someone Like You from $90
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