Perhaps the best thing about cold weather is what we do to keep it at bay. Yes, we might groan about the dropping temperatures and biting winds, but it's hard to ignore that we can do so while snuggled under a heavy knit blanket, cocooned in a fleece robe, or stretched in front of a fireplace. And when the solution is this wonderful, how bad can the problem be?

If you've ever curled up in the red-orange glow of a crackling fire, you know the feeling of intense heat on your face, drowsing you ever closer to the edge of sleep. One thousand years ago—even one hundred years ago—fire brought us physical safety in the face of frigid danger; today, despite the furnace that does the hard work, a tame fire still brings us the emotional safety that we crave. Perhaps it's coded into our DNA. 

These three scents evoke the warmth of sitting fireside. May they take you there and keep you there.

Ambre 114
Ambre 114 from $125
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Brume d'Hiver
Brume d'Hiver $225
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Ambre 114 Sample
Ambre 114 Sample $10
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Brume d'Hiver sample
Brume d'Hiver sample $10
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