Vetiver Sensuel

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      How would you define “fresh” without words? Maybe you’d take a dried grass like vetiver, and then, maybe you’d add the gentlest mint ever made, and then maybe, some cozy musk that felt like dew upon all the pastel, airy greenery? Oh, good. We thought so too. Lucky for you, Mancera offers up a mist-laden, gently green, cloud-like potion that will have you lying on the nearly neon and manicured green park grass, drifting away in time with the cotton clouds dotting the summery sky. Neither masculine, nor feminine, this little gem settles like silk on any skin, and somehow, its earthy groundedness makes you drift away all the more.


      Notes include lemon, orange, bergamot, lime, pepper, orchid, patchouli, mint, vetiver, amber, oakmoss, woody notes and white musk.  

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.