Eight & Bob

The Original-Eight & Bob

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    A fanciful story of kismet, (click HERE to read the full story) this is the fragrance of beloved JFK. The bottle, hidden inside a book, reveals the woody freshness that is both classic and mysterious. Here’s why. The soul of this fragrance is secretly named “Andrea”, a fake name to protect the sacredness of the formula, Andrea is a rare wild plant from Chile in short supply, picked during two months with only seven percent chosen for the final fragrance production. Opening fresh and drying down to warmth; amber, vanilla, cedar and sandalwood twist this classic into a modern whiff with a zest of pink peppercorn and just a hint of creamy hazelnut.
  • Notes include pink pepper, cardamom, lemon, violet leaves, labdanum, dried wood, sandalwood, amber, and vetiver.
  • Eight & Bob is said to have been created by a young Parisian aristocrat in 1937.