Black Noir

    • Try a sample first! 

      Pink and black. Pepper and leather. A vertigo of amber and oud like no other. But why? It’s the grey amber, the charcoal-colored ambergris, combined with the white petals of the tiare flower, aka the Tahitian gardenia, that gives a sweet, white-floral twist to this robust fragrance. This twist, you see, has the ability to tone down the oud while still keeping it vigorous enough to shine through and sit atop the Cuban tobacco leaves in complete harmony. As with most Manceras, spray lightly and wear it daringly into the night. 

      Notes include black leather, pink and black pepper, Cuban tobacco leaves, cambodian oud, tiare blossom, patchouli, lavender, vanilla pods, tonka beans, vetiver roots and grey amber.  

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.