Ulrich Lang New York

Anvers Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Anvers, the first in Ulrich Lang's line of scents, is undeniably classic and masculine, but it features several subtle twists that clearly place it in the modern era. Yes, it smells like a man, but an unusual kind of man. Perfume critic Luca Turin suggested people looking to convey mystery turn to Anvers, and we think that sounds about right. Because if we smelled this on a passerby, we'd do a quick 180 and pursue just to find out a little more. 

    Notes include bergamot , lime, tangerine, sage, mint, basil, violet, jasmine and geranium leaves, sesame, honey, leather, moss, sheer ambers, precious woods, guava.


  • Ulrich Lang is a former L'Oreal executive who began creating his own perfume line in 2002. Lang is a longtime lover and collector of contemporary photography, and his scents are often conceptually inspired by the art of photography. His eponymous line features five scents, and Lang is also co-founder of Elements Showcase, a marketplace for established and emerging artists in the world of beauty and fragrances design. Learn more at  Ulrich Lang New York.