September 2016 Unisex: All the Flowers in the Garden

September 01, 2016 5 Comments

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Floral lovers, rejoice! Floral skeptics, get ready to have your minds changed. 

“Soliflore” is perfume-speak for “the scent of a single flower,” and this month, we’re featuring soliflores that have captivated the American perfume world with their photorealism and beauty. The Dame Soliflores don’t smell like perfumes trying to smell like flowers; they smell so accurately of the real thing that they’ll transport you to the long-buried memory of running through a field, crawling among bushes, breathing deeply over a plucked petal.

What's so exciting about these soliflores is the potential they have to change the minds of people who tend to say “I don’t like florals.” What those people usually mean is that they don’t like perfumes that smell of big, abstract floral inventions -- and that’s understandable. But most often, they’re dissatisfied with the way these perfumes smell, and not with the way the flowers themselves smell. Except for the unfortunate few who suffer from allergies, who hates flowers? Who doesn’t appreciate the scent of a velvety rose petal or the sweet zest of a stem of freesia? Who can smell the hanging bells of a lily of the valley and not wonder at nature’s perfection? 

This month, we're featuring two collections of three from Dame Perfumery. Subscribers will receive one and we're making the other collection available for $15. 

Collection 1


Rose de Mai. There are sweet roses, spicy roses, dark roses, fruity roses... but sometimes we just want a rose. That's it--no extras, just a pure rose the way nature made it. Read more...

Osmanthus. We've often wanted to smell osmanthus on its own, and now we get to. It has a creamy, airy, floral sweetness that smells of apricot and peach on a sunny afternoon. Read more...

Mimosa. Lovers of this flower sometimes say it has a child-like sweetness, and perhaps that's because it smells of days spent running barefoot through sun-warmed grass. Read more...

Collection 2

Lily of the Valley. The little white bells of the lily of the valley dangle from their stem and emit the prettiest fragrance: a bright, sweet, creamy scent that perfumers have incorporated into perfumes for ages. Read more...

Orange Flower. This little flower has some of the character we love in a big white flower like a gardenia, but it comes in a much smaller, more restrained package. Read more...

Freesia. This bloom is the perfect scent for people who like their flowers sweet with a bit of sass. Its zesty, peppery aspect is uniquely recognizable, and it holds the flower's sweetness in balance. Read more...

We hope you love exploring this month's featured scents as much as we do. We like to think of them as a very successful partnership between Mother Nature and Mr. Dame.

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S. B. Petersen
S. B. Petersen

October 20, 2017

How do I get the chance to join if I have just received your email and it’s 10/21/17? Thanks, S. B. P.


October 01, 2016

Here are links to the two collections:

Collection A: Rose de Mai, Osmanthus, and Mimosa:

Collection B: Lily of the Valley, Freesia, and Orange Flower:

Reach out anytime at!


September 29, 2016

I also have this question :)


September 13, 2016

I was also wondering how to order the alternate collection. I’ve scoured the site and, as of yet, have been unable to find any information on the ordering process. I received collection 1 but desperately want collection 2 as well. Please help!

Deborah Serrano
Deborah Serrano

September 07, 2016

I received collection 2 – yummy! How do I order sample collection 1?


Deborah Serrano

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