September 2016 for Men: September in the City

September 01, 2016

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Summer, we hardly knew ye. Yet here we are, already adjusting to the milder days and cooler nights of September, breathing in the tiniest hint of the season that waits around the corner.

This month, we’re smelling September from the city dweller’s perspective. We start with an olfactory portrait of the urban jungle (and an exciting new release). Next, we explore a citrus that echoes the mineral scent of rain on pavement. Finally, our third pick exudes warmth like the heat lamps that the plein air cafes are rolling out to the sidewalks, helping us to stay outdoors as long as we possibly can.

by Ulrich Lang New York. This new release was inspired by the image of a single palm leaf: green, lush, fresh, minimalist. Read more... 

by Imaginary Authors. Mosaic is a sheer, cooling veil of citrus, wood, and mineral water that smells to us like rain falling on warm pavement. Read more...

10 Corso Como
by 10 Corso Como. This salty sandalwood-and-rose combo is a cult classic and the perfect way to scent your early autumn evenings. Read more... 

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