December 2017: December Days

December 04, 2017

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In so many cultures, December is a festive month. And if you're in the northern hemisphere, it's also a comparatively chilly month, so your festivities likely incorporate the warmth of fire and candles and spices. This month, we're imagining how we would like to scent our December days with heat, smoke, and spices. Our women's and men's collections follow the same theme with six different scents, including a new release and a new-to-you house that has wowed us with its artistry.

Women's Collection

Anemone by Blackbird opens with the sweetest juice of overripe plums and grapes bleeding over the divine nectar of sacred pink lotus flowers. It's also our first from Blackbird, the wonderfully creative house that you're going to as much as we do.  Read more...


Noel Au Balcon
by Etat Libre d'Orange conjures images of candle-lit Christmas parties with a warm breath of sweet, spiced cider. A perfect scent or the holidays. Read more... 



O, Unknown!
by Imaginary Authors
is a meditative, smoky iris that will enrapture iris lovers and win the note many new fans. Read more...


Men's Collection

Memoir Man by Amouage, like all masterful Amouage scents, resists language. How to describe the muddy, earthen herbaceousness of wormwood paired with the fresh, cool, green of basil and mint and the cold spiciness of absinthe? You have to try this magic for yourself.  Read more...


Evergreen Dream by Gallagher Fragrances is a fantasy forest of dark, towering pines. But it's a fougere, which means lavender and coumarin also do their part and produce a modern barbership vibe.  Read more... 


Homme by Costume National
 is is just what good-smelling men should smell like, according to men and women alike. Its notes list is a roster of citrus, spice, and forest -- which, as in all great scents, tells you everything and nothing at the same time. Read more...


Happy December! We hope you love this month's collections as much as we do. 

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