September 2015: Welcome to Tauerville

September 01, 2015 1 Comment

Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer is a legend. His scents have been called “fragrant sculptures,” have received rave critical reviews, and have opened up many an eye (and nose) to the wonders of niche perfume.

That’s why we love Tauerville, the line that Andy describes as “a playground for innovative ideas presented with a down-to-earth approach.” It's his creative outlet, where he can try out whatever new ideas he wants, how he wants, and when he wants.

Olfactif is proud to partner with Andy to reveal to the world exclusively the newest creation in this line: Incense Flash. Incense Flash follows the same tradition established by Rose Flash and Vanilla Flash before it: an artist's intense exploration of a note, made incredibly accessible in smaller bottle size and at a fantastic price. Our collection this month features all three Tauerville scents, all different but bearing the same signature from Andy's deft hand—and oh-so-perfect for the season to come.

So welcome to Tauerville. We have a feeling you’ll want to stay a while.

Rose Flash is the scent that launched it all, the rose that peels back layers and layers to reveal new facets as it unfolds. It begins with dark shock of purply red that brightens as the jam-inflected heart blooms. That lovely orange color comes from the richness of the rose absolute. Read more...

Vanilla Flash
gets the Tauer treatment, which means we get to see vanilla in a slightly different light. Vanilla Flash is a spicy, earthy, rich vanilla draped across a bed of smoky tobacco.

Incense Flash, the third and long-anticipated scent in the Tauerville line, is centered around a rough, weathered leather that smoothes into supple newness, almost like a beloved pair of boots aging in reverse. Read more...

We're thrilled to bring you this innovative line and the newest Tauerville creation. Not yet subscribed? Sign up by September 15 to sample all three Tauervilles and get a code for $18 off a full bottle.  

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Jen C.
Jen C.

September 01, 2015

Wow! So excited. Thrilled! I can hardly wait for my Tauerville Trio.

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