Introducing Olfactif for Men: Get 15% off your subscription

August 06, 2015 1 Comment

That’s right! Starting this month, we're offering a new version of Olfactif for men.

We hear you: “But niche perfume is unisex!” It is, and our many male subscribers will agree. And we're all about wearing what you love and erasing those arbitrary gender boundaries. But over the years since we pioneered the niche perfume subscription concept, we’ve heard from men who said, essentially, three things: 1) I'm bored with department store scents that all smell alike;  2) I want to explore niche; 3) I don't want to smell like pink peonies.

That's why we're launching Olfactif for men. And we're beyond excited about it, because there’s a big, delicious world of masculine niche scents that we’ve been dying to share.

The original Olfactif subscription will remain wonderfully unisex. You’ll see absolutely no change. But if you’re a guy—or know one—who isn’t crazy about wearing a pretty gardenia or a juicy rose, Olfactif for men is the perfect choice. It’s a way to escape department store counters and enter this magical world we've been exploring together.

Signup is open now, and the first collection ships September 1. Use the code 4MEN to get 15%off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription (or 15% off the first month of a recurring subscription). And hey—if you’re a current subscriber and want to switch to Olfactif for men, let us know at We’ll hook you up.

Thank you for your endless support. You've helped us introduce thousands of people to niche perfume, which means you've helped to make our dream come true.

Founder, Olfactif

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August 06, 2015

Thanks Tara, for the opportunity to become an experienced lover of fragrances.

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