April 2015: British Invasion!

April 01, 2015 2 Comments

In the 1960s, America was flooded with British pop culture. Music, fashion, movies—the UK reigned all, and we can thank the British Invasion for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Audrey Hepburn, James Bond, and the mini-skirt.

Today, we’re witnessing another invasion—this time, in British perfumery. Artisans are emerging. Historical brands are re-emerging. Sometimes the aesthetic is a British take on French tradition, and sometimes it ignores convention and makes a totally original statement. Whatever the approach, we can sum up our feelings on today’s British perfume movement in one word: brilliant.

Centrepiece by 4160 Tuesdays. Exclusive to Olfactif in the U.S.! Frangipani is a tropical white flower with a bright, honeyed scent, and Sarah McCartney's Centrepiece plays up its sweeter aspects with honey and vanilla. She then uses green tea and woods for balance, and in McCartney's careful hands, Centrepiece is a masterpiece. Come read about McCartney and see why she's one of our very favorite perfume people. Read more...



Jardin Mystique by Friedemodin. When best friends Nina Friede and Elisabeth Modin launched their first collection, they gave it the perfect name: Jardin Mystique. This perfume, the flagship of the collection, has all of the elements of the secret garden we imagine: the crispness of cut grass, the lushness of lily of the valley, and the juiciness of blackcurrant. Check out the nose behind this springtime staple—quite the pedigree. Read more...



Golden Chypre by Grossmith
. Golden Chypre comes to us from Grossmith, founded in 1835 and one of the first English perfume houses. Although Golden Chypre is a modern interpretation of the chypre construction, it has a timeless elegance and feels as though it could have been worn by British royalty 100 years ago. When the cheerful citrus notes jump off the skin, they conjure images of sunlight dancing on trees. Read more...



We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.



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Vanity Girl
Vanity Girl

April 07, 2015

Just received my first monthly samples. I’m wearing Golden Chypre now. It’s a more expensive fragrance that I’m used to wearing but I’m excited to try it. I’ve been to London a few times – so I can’t say that this British Invasion collection is conjuring up any of those memories but I am having fun trying it.


April 01, 2015

I fell in love with Sarah McCartney’s, “What I Did On My Holidays” recently and I was so hoping I’d get to see more of her at Olfactif. Can’t wait for this month’s package to arrive!

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