January 2015: Around the World in 30 Days

January 02, 2015 3 Comments

We all like to say that a new year is a blank canvas. That we all get a fresh start to learn from our mistakes and continue our successes. But the other side of the story is this: Nobody gets to write their own history in a vacuum. We're all scribbling on the same giant canvas, our stories colliding and crashing and bleeding into one another. Sometimes, it’s a beautiful mess. And sometimes, you take a step back to look at the big picture we’re creating, and it breaks your heart.

That's one reason we so love travel: It exposes us to other. To people whose circumstances are different from our own and to places rooted in histories that we've only read about. Travel puts us face to face with our interconnectedness and makes us more humane. 

Maybe you can't hop on a plane right now, but you can travel around the world through the power of scent. So close your eyes and take a journey with us, because we're headed to some pretty magical places this month. 


Midnight Leather from Note Fragrances.
Our first stop is in Italy, along the cobblestone streets of Florence where perfumer Danielle Fleming found inspiration from the famous leather markets, cafés, and rain-soaked air.


Aoud Velvet by Montale. Next, we travel to the beaches of Thailand where pungent agarwood mixes with velvety white tropical flowers. Oud is a material with tremendous presence, and it can intimidate some newbies. In Aoud Velvet, Montale has made it approachable and lovely, so get ready for something new.


Epic Woman by Amouage. Finally, we travel along the ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia, where we encounter 
hot desert winds, dusty roads, precious spices, ancient tea ceremonies, burning incense in opulent temples, and dark roses in bloom. It is truly an epic journey that will stay with you long after you've returned. (P.S. Don't let the name fool you: It's totally unisex.)

We hope this collection takes you to inspiring places and starts off your new year with a lust for adventure. Happy New Year from our house to yours!



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Ellen Kay
Ellen Kay

February 01, 2015

Not too many comments about January’s assortment. I wasn’t awestruck and I didn’t hate it. Completely indifferent. Could be fragrance from any perfume counter in the country. I am waiting for the next month. I enjoy the subscription and I know going into it they won’t all be wondrous hits. Let’s bring in February.


January 19, 2015

Hello! I am living in Turkey. Do you have a shipment to Turkey ? If no , Do you have any plan to ship to Turkey ? I love your monthly subscription system :)

Thanks a lot!

Jennifer Cupp
Jennifer Cupp

January 02, 2015

Pinch me, am I dreaming? Whoa.

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