JD Jeffrey Dame

Santal Superbe

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    One spritz of Santal Superbe transports you back to your first old-fashioned barber shop shave. Step inside and fill your nose with the scent of barber soap being whipped with a soft bristled brush. Slide into the chair and let the hot towel, infused with lavender and clary sage, open your senses. A clean cushion of cedar and sandal woods fuses with soft spices, making this experience one that conjures a memory in your mind and a warmth in your heart.


    Notes of lavender, coumarin, lime, pimento, celery seed, spearmint, cedar leaf, petitgrain, clary sage, geranium, cedar wood, galbanum and sandalwood.



  •  Jeffrey Dame | Dame Perfumery | OlfactifJD Jeffrey Dame is a spin-off of Dame Perfumery, a Scottsdale-based perfumery by Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborated on this fragrance with Hugh Spencer.