Beach Geeza

Pearl Leather Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Travel with me to a dreamy, luxury getaway in southern Italy and drink in the good life. Opening with delicious Limoncello and ozonic watery notes the images of coastal European hotels and poolside lounging will slip into your mind. As the scent develops on your skin, notes of saffron, vinyl and creamy white leather open up an elegant sexiness in the heart of the fragrance, like you've just stepped out of an illustrious sports car onto the sunbaked cobblestone streets of Positano to indulge in an afternoon of gallivanting and extravagant shopping with your special someone. A stylish scent experience, one to wear when you are living your best life. Expert tip: Pearl Leather is a perfect match to layer with Beach Geeza favorites: Ocean Water and Coco Moon.


    Notes include limoncello, watery notes, saffron, vinyl, white leather, amber, vanilla, castoreum, tobacco, and woody notes.

  • Ryan Hunts of Beach Geeza Ryan Hunts, a Director and Cinematograpgher turned perfumer, found his love of aromas from traveling around the world. Now based in Austin, Texas, he aims to create unique and transportive experiences through scent for immediate self-indulgent happiness. Afterall, a happy smile, or a dose of instant confidence, is always just a few sprays away.