Kelly + Jones

Mezcal Añejo

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    Working with Mezcal experts in Oaxaca to get it just right, the third scent in the Kelly + Jones Mezcal trilogy is alluring, complex, and delicious – all in a single inhale. A holiday celebration in the mezcalerias in the city’s center, you’re warmly welcomed with darkly sweet fruit, a sparkling heat from the warming of spices in the distance, and as these begin to be carried by the breeze, a gently smoky, ambery wood starts to fill your nose. We know there’s a leathery, sweet green of agave nearby, somewhere, aging to take on a golden-brown hue and the intoxicating, spicy-hot, oak-worn, honeyed burn mezcal is so known and loved for. Not only a top-tier tribute to this venerated spirit, a portion of their proceeds go to Programa Vaca, a Mexico-based organization helping to rebuild the country’s earthquake-affected areas.


    Notes include velvet jasmine, leather, smoked amber, guajillo, and golden peach. 

  • Kelly Jones designs vineyard and spirit-inspired fragrances at her scent studio in Michigan. She moved to New York in 2010 from the West Coast, where she trained her nose in the vineyards of California, and then moved back to her Michigan roots in 2022.