Henny Faire Co.

Mala Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Fresh and sheer, Mala is like walking through an apple orchard on a dewy fall morning. This fruity chypre is crisp with lemon slices and crabapple notes in the opening. But perhaps what we love the most is how perfumer Erika Vinskie weaves the base notes of moss, orris, labdanum, and musk for a cozy blanket-like finish. It’s as if she took you from morning dawn to evening dusk in one fragrant sniff.


    Notes include l emon, peppercorn, bergamot, crabapple, peony, rose, oakmoss, orris, labdanum, and musk.


  • Erica Vinskie of Henny Faire Co.
    HENNY FAIRE Co. is a Pennsylvania house by Erica Vinskie that is inspired by botanical species native to Appalachia. Learn more about HENNY FAIRE Co. in our BLOG.