Lovely Garden

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      Sometimes, what’s short and sweet is most true. “Lovely Garden” isn’t some fanciful, storied, French title, because it doesn’t need one. This perfume has all the flourishes it needs right in the bottle. We’re dreamily overtaken by the most sensual, rosy bouquet, that then quickly unfurls into the fruit-floral of orange blossom, intertwining with a nearly gourmand-like sweetness... but wait. This is far from a gourmand. Because we’re about to herald the arrival of gentle, yet solemn, incense trails, and a blanket-like, powdery musk, that doesn’t change that bouquet’s sensuality we fell in love with before, merely greets it. The perfume alternates between sacred and sunny, rosy and mouth-watering, blanket-cozy, and the feel of a wide-open field. Mancera somehow managed to put the best things in life in a single bottle, and have them all fit, hand-in-hand. Lovely Garden... a simple, perfect name.


      Notes include pink pepper, cinnamon, red mandarin, sensual turkish rose, indonesian patchouli leaves, orange blossom, tuberose. grey amber, sweet toffee, mystical incense and powdery musk.

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.