Hoi An Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    In the early 17th century, Nguyễn Hoàng of the powerful Nguyễn clan established great trade relations with Shōgun Tokugawa Ieyasu of Japan. The Nguyễn lords of southern Vietnam were heavily involved in trade and as a result, the trading port of Hội An flourished and became the most important trade port on the South China sea. Japanese red seal ships frequented the Vietnamese port and with them brought silver, copper and bronze from Japan in exchange for spices, sandalwood and Vietnamese agarwood. The metals trade was vital to the Nguyen lords, for they needed coins for commerce and bronze to cast guns. And, in turn the exotic Vietnamese spices and precious woods were sought-after in Japan and were used to make incense.


    Notes include agarwood, oakmoss, sea notes, musk, sandalwood, and patchouli.

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