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    Here’s why we love Duel. It’s considered a woody aromatic fragrance for men. And yes, it is that, but so much more. It starts off with petitgrain, an oil extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree, that gives it a citrus vibe with a slight masculine edge. Artemisia gives us a very 'green', sharp, herbaceous element, the qualities of absinthe. Tea-like nuances become the star of this fragrance, both black and green leaves stemming from the green mate absolute, really shine through with time, this also adds elements of tobacco, hay and very light spice tones to round out its finish. While linear in development, there’s enjoyment in the acceptance of its purity and the privacy it lends to staying close to you at all times.


    Notes include green mate absolute, Paraguay petitgrain, iris root, absinthe (artemisia), guaiac wood, leather and musk.

  • Goutal's perfumes are inspired by a mix of poetry and nature, plants and culture. Each ones tells a story, which can be experienced on the skin.