Cosmic Pepper

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      Oh my, oh my. Who knew citrus could be devilishly sexy? Lemon and tangerine, we barely knew ye. The bright rays of this gem not only are drizzled with a little pink pepper floral zing, but a deep tide of tactile, epicurean amber rises up and washes over your skin like an otherworldly whisper from the devil on your shoulder, telling you to just give the barista your number. The bridge between this exhilarating tension between the top and the base is a hefty dose of an ultra-rich rose, no doubt made more provocative by the finest little nudge from the animal of oud. What we have here is a sublimely sexy twist on the aromatic citrus category that so many of us find hard not to love. But it’s all grown up now, and it has secrets. And in another delightful twist, the sillage on this one is on beast.


      Notes include pink and black pepper, fizzy lemon and tangerine, wild sage, rose from Damascus, touch of oud, tonka bean, sensual amber, oakmoss, white musk, and deep labdanum.  

    • Mancera was created to showcase the finest ingredients commonly found in Arab perfumes.