Dame Perfumery

Chocolate Man Sample

  • You know Jeffrey Dame can't pass up the chance to make a killer perfume out of a single addictive note ( vanilla, anyone?), and here he tempts us with chocolate. He started out with a chocolate accord and began to add layers of complexity and interest, but his nose kept pulling him back to that original accord -- and that's what we have here. Chocolate Man is a comforting, close-to-the-skin scent that will put a smile on your face. (Oh, and one insider tip: It might have "man" in the name, but Chocolate Man Cologne is perfect for anyone and everyone. Just ask Dame's legion of female aficionados.) Notes include chocolate. Just chocolate. Yum.
  •  Jeffrey Dame | Dame Perfumery | OlfactifDame Perfumery Scottsdale is the creation of Jeffrey Dame, a veteran of the fragrance industry. He collaborates on the project with his son, Cullen, a budding scent aficionado and artist, with whom he has built a new line of modern American perfumes.