Gallagher Fragrances

Behold, Patchouli

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    Behold, Patchouli is a magnified look at the wondrous material found in many of our most favorite and timeless perfumes, Patchouli. Patchouli in and of itself can give off any number of different scents, sometimes chocolatey, sometimes earthy, sometimes citrusy, which I have come to love over the years. You'll find Patchouli placed in the base of perfumes, and it's what you'll often find lingering on your skin the next morning, but what happens when we take each possible facet of Patchouli and magnify them?


    Notes include aldehydes, bergamot, Egyptian bitter red orange, Italian blood orange, sweet orange, Italian clementine, Tunisian neroli, Oman frankincense, powdered chocolate, labdanum resin from Spain, honeyed amber, Brazilian tonka bean absolute, cream soda, benzoin, Australian sandalwood, tonkin musk*, 8-year Aged Indonesian patchouli.


  • Daniel Gallagher is an artisan perfumer who is based in Texas and also happens to be an Air Force Major. How cool is that? Learn more about Gallagher Fragrances in our  BLOG .