Adscenture Discovery Set

  • Discover Adscenture by Memoize London! This set come with 10 of your favorite scents in 2ml bottles. Join us as we journey through this adscenture together.

    • Cosmic Purple is a n experience like no other. Opening with sweet and sour rhubarb, a shot of bitter coffee and a squeeze of enlivening lemon. A wild ride of spicy pimento and rose petals transports you to a new frontier. 
    • Secret Garden is looming, the last sunlight cascades over this secret place. As darkness descends, frangipani comes to life. Magical notes of peach and coconut delight you, whilst undertones of amber and woods ground you.
    • Onward to Seville is the serenity of tranquil orange tree courtyards. Wandering through a haze of cassis and white jasmine with hints of vanilla. This neroli scent is rumored to bring happiness to whoever possesses it. 
    • Kyoto is a myriad of aromas; rich plum wine lingers amidst the bustle, with hints of warm and sweet nutmeg. Home to the Ochayas, delicate tea notes come from unique davana. Hidden in the charming wooden houses, warming aromas of cedar and sandalwood
    • Firefly is a silent forest. Aromatic, juicy wild blackcurrants linger in the morning dew. A light breeze carries notes of wild flowers and damp moss. The moon disappears behind dark clouds and a beautiful phenomenon takes place. In the heart of the woods, hundreds of fireflies illuminate the trees and turn them into a golden heaven.
    • Serendipity, the meeting of two souls. Gentle lavender and citrus combine, you feel solace and comfort in each others’ arms. Sweet vanilla and tonka leave you unable to resist each other. Wrapping around you like a guardian angel, sandalwood and amber offer everlasting warmth.
    • Sands of Time shrouds you in a cloak of frankincense. As you discover the ancient pathways of the silk road, you will be comforted by the warmth of patchouli, amber and tonka bean which transport you on your time-travelling experience.
    • Turkish Delight pique senses at the aromas of rich coffee and tobacco, curling past wafts of ginger and cinnamon that take your breath away. You turn, captivated by the delicate notes of Turkish delight and vanilla.
    • Call Me Goddess is a dedication to the goddess of love; bathe yourself in decadent fruits, seduced by the rose petals caressing your skin, only to be dressed in the sensual notes of cistus and musk. As you make your entrance your skin exudes notes of ginger and mesmerizing vanilla and jasmine. 
    • Holographic is a multi-dimensional voyage; with the sand beneath your feet, you drift, flowing through a wave of delicate magnolia, jasmine and rose, crash! Another wave envelopes you; clean and ozonic sea breeze, crash! Warming woods surround you, whilst sweet tonka brings comfort.