Dasein Winter Sample Pack

  • Released seasonally each winter, we have the bottles that make you swoon for the season and we cannot get enough of the newest release, Winter Green! A mint-forward unisex fragrance that brings you on a walk through snow capped mountains of evergreens on a winter morning. 

    In this sample pack, you will discover the 3 phases of winter by Dasein  at  10% off  the price of  á la carte  samples. 

    • The main note in Winter is fir. It opens with fir needles laying on a soft and velvety forest floor as black cardamom lends a smoky aspect that combines with lavender to create a subtly, unexpectedly gourmand—though not sweet—finish.
    • Winter Nights is a deeper, darker meditation on the same theme as Winter, and w e're not surprised that it's a cult hit, too. We can't even imagine the season without this fragrance taking us to a coastal forest with bonfires lighting up the night. 
    • Winter Green gives us mint. Fabulously green, crisp, and bright wild mint. Imagine  walking through snow capped mountains of evergreens on a winter morning, and that's Winter Green.
    • This sample pack features 3 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial 
    • This sample pack in unisex
    • Includes enough fragrance for 10-20 wearings in each vial