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to the Crush Collection by Kelly + Jones

Perfumer & wine enthusiast Kelly Jones launches her newest collection, The Crush Collection. These incredible fragrances capture the essence of the love story of the Perfumer and Winemaker. I nspired by the world of natural wine and the purity of a vineyard's terroir, these 3 fragrances bring you to the heart of the vineyard in 3 stages. Like a natural wine, these perfumes are un-fined and unfiltered.

Meet Kelly. And her story. 

"WHO is wearing perfume in my tasting room?!", the winemaker declared, as I swirled my wine at a California vineyard.

Wearing perfume while the nose is in the glass is strictly prohibited - rightfully so; it can interfere with the wine's aromas. 

But as the perfume wafted from my skin, across the glass, it started to enhance all the nuances of the wine's bouquet. So I decided to break the rules, seducing the winemaker to create with me and blend perfumes to pair with wine.   -Kelly

Dive into a full size bottle or try a sample pack of all 3! *Sample packs are extremely limited!


Devious & Sincere Travel Duo ILK $75.00
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