Gallagher Fragrances

Purple Powder Sample

  • This is a 2 ml spray sample. Find the full bottle here.  

    Dusty, deep, and dreamy iris gets room to radiate every facet of its electric purple personality as big as Texas in this southern gem. But this bloom is no belle. Large and in charge, luminous lemon and mandarin flower, hand-in-hand, with her elegantly powdery petals. The sunlit notes, and the bigger-than-life elegance pendulum back and forth for a while, in a dance that heralds the arrival of an equally joyous amber, ever so lovingly adorned with restrained touches of a cozy cinnamon. A little ballroom, a little beachy, a little warm, a little woody… Get yourself a perfume than can do it all.


    Notes include yellow mandarin, Calabrian lemon, magnolia, iris powder, cedarwood, amber, benzoin, toasted cinnamon and musk.


  • Daniel Gallagher is an artisan perfumer who is based in Texas and also happens to be an Air Force Major. How cool is that? Learn more about Gallagher Fragrances in our  BLOG .