Dame Soliflore Deluxe Sample Pack by Olfactif

  • Dame Perfumery has created a line of soliflores that smell so amazingly like the real thing that we'd probably fail a blind smell test. Now you can experience them all with our Deluxe Soliflore Sample Pack. Best part -- at $65 for a full bottle (100 ml), perfumer Jeffrey Dame has managed to pack killer quality in a truly accessible package.  Enjoy this sample pack at  10% off  the price of  á la carte  samples.

    In this deluxe sample pack, you'll receive all 5 from the original sample pack Lily of the Valley,   Freesia,   Orange Flower  Rose de Mai, and  Mimosa,  plus 2 more! Honeysuckle and Ginger Lily bring this sample pack to 7 samples for under $50!

    New to soliflores? Want to learn more about the extraction methods of florals, what indole is -- that odd aroma found in the white flowers-- and how soliflores are so unique? Discover on our BLOG

    • This sample pack features 7 fragrance samples in 2 ml Glass Spray Vial
    • This sample pack tilts feminine, but we love men who aren't afraid to wear florals! Fun fact: Orange Flower is one of Dame's best sellers for men!