Wolf Brothers


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    A bear you don’t mind coming closer to…a brand based on animals found in the Slavic forests, the Wolf Brothers’ idea of this fearsome creature is wholly campfire-cozy. Cinnamon and ginger spiced forest woods and fir greet your entrance to this welcoming cave. Somewhere nearby, you can smell a pilfered feast of flowered honey leading you further and further into darkness. Warm woods drift on night winds and meet the honeyed spices, as an enveloping scent the ever-so-gentle, leathery fur surrounds you - before you realize you’re so comfortable in this new skin, you just may be the beast, yourself.

    Notes include cinnamon, ginger, forest tree, iris, honey, propolis, cedarwood, cistus, tree bark, vanilla, and labdanum.

  • Two wolves, bound by bonds of blood, made a notable pact in the midst of a blizzard. They knew from experience that to prosper in this wild world they must act as a pack. Soon, Piotr and Łukasz, two hikers eager to succeed, joined. This is how Wolfbrothers was established - an exclusive fragrance brand for genuine men.