Vine to Wine

This month, we are taking you somewhere that is very special to us. A place and time that gives us solace, offers us a sense of renewal and opens up another world that was once foreign to us. My husband Mark and I had the pleasure of living in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, known as one of the best wine regions in the country, for over a year. In this time, we watched and learned the full cycle of life, ours and the grapes, from vine to bottle.

In the October Collection for Women, I carefully curated each fragrance to bring you through 3 distinct phases of being in the Finger Lakes Wine Country as you experience “Vine to Wine.” The green floralcy found in buds breaking at springtime moves to the autumn air of Harvest season. Your discovery continues with aromas found in the soul of the bottle, the labor of love we hold close to our hearts. Cheers!

For the love of scent (and wine),


In the Women's Collection for October:

    In the  October  Collection for Men, it starts with the lush greenness found in buds breaking at spring and moves to the minerality of Harvest seasons’ autumn air. Your discovery continues with aromas found in the heart of the wine cellar, transformed in the bottle. Cheers! 

    In the Men's Collection for October:

      Want to sample all 3?  Order your custom box HERE and indicate Men's or Women's October Collection 2019 in the checkout notes and we will curate it for you!  

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