Memoize London


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      Step into the magic of enchantment and fantasy, Aurora captures the essence of allure and magnetism in this symphony of refined fruity elegance. Opening with subtle notes of pineapple, tart rhubarb, and luscious melon, this trio dances harmoniously with the floral grace of jasmine and allure of cypress. Stay till the end, the dance descends into a captivating finale, where warming amber embraces the sweet nuances of vanilla, and the woody richness of sandalwood. Stay a little past the curtain call and you’ll end your evening indulging in tones of velvety musk and creamy cedarwood as you are transported to a world where freshness meets vibrancy behind a veil of fruity fantasy.


      Notes include bergamot, marine notes, pineapple, rhubarb, melon, jasmine, cypress, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, musk and cedar.


    • Memoize London, a luxe British house by Holly Hutchinson that evokes scent memories from the past and evokes future memories to be made. Find out more about Memoize London in our   BLOG.