May 2019 Collection | Flower Shoppe

Have you ever walked into a florist and thought to yourself, “That smell. Can I bottle that and take that home?” After saying it hundreds of times, we decided to capture that moment in this month’s collection.

In the May Collection for Women, pure essence of ginger lily greets you at the door with the newly released by Jeffrey Dame, Ginger Lily Soliflore. What's even more exciting is that this is an exclusive launch only for Olfactif subscribers for the month of May and June. That's can only get it here!

As you continue through the collection, you’re pulled further in to sniff out the symphony of rose bouquets as far as the eye can see with a new house to Olfactif, Memoize London. And wait – there in the back, you can smell a hothouse haven where the most precious, exotic flowers are hiding. This beauty comes to us from Ineke, a indie perfumer from San Francisco. 


In the Women's Collection for May:

    In the Men's Collection for May, we bring you to the Flower Shoppe because yes, men deserve a good floral too! You may think flowers aren’t masculine, but did you know that almost every fragrance on the market contains floral notes – even for men? Flowers are sexy! While it might not be your go-to fragrance choice, Olfactif is all about exploration, elevation and pushing boundaries.

    So open your mind and delight your nose with white flowers and lush greens, both sensual in their own right. A soliflore from Dame Perfumery that is a top-seller for men, a Provencal alchemy of green lavender notes from Eight and Bob and then bask in the light of a resinous mashup with roots deep within the Amazon rainforest with White Light from Potentia.

    In the Men's Collection for May:

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      Superbia Memoize London from $179.00
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      Hothouse Flower Ineke $125.00
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      Champs de Provence Eight & Bob from $70.00
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