June 2018 Collection | Sensations | For Women

Fragrance is about the nose, yes, but it's also about the other senses it awakens. A whiff of a certain scent can trigger tastes, sights, sounds, and physical sensations that are entirely a product of your imagination but might seem as real to your brain as anything you've ever experienced. 

This month, we're featuring scents that awaken the taste buds, capture vivid scenes, or evoke a tactile memory. Try each and consider what sensations, beyond the olfactory, they inspire in you. 

The June 2018 Collection for Women features these oh so sensational fragrances. Subscribe today or indulge yourself with a full-size bottle of goodness!

Frangipani Ormonde Jayne from $150.00
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Mezcal Roja Kelly + Jones $110.00
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