June 2016: Acts of Devotion

We love to champion artists, especially when they’re self-taught, independent, critically acclaimed, funny, provocative, small-batch perfumers who name their fragrances like great novels. So describes Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays, a London perfumer whose work feels indescribably magical.

This collection features three 4160 Tuesdays perfumes that came about in the most wonderful way: through crowdfunding. They are part of McCartney's "Crimes of Passion" series, and two were nominated for the Fragrance Foundation’s Best Indie Scent of the year. All three are powerful extraits that use utterly precious ingredients. McCartney created scents that would inspire "acts of devotion," but their creation was also an act of devotion--from McCartney and the fans around the world who made them possible.

We rarely feature single-artist collections, so when we do, you know it has to be something extraordinary. And it is.

Goddess of Love & Perfume
Goddess of Love & Perfume $150
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Midnight in the Palace Garden
Midnight in the Palace Garden $150
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Maxed Out
Maxed Out $150
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