Azur Riviera

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    Fresh, crisp and marine, Azur Riviera allows you to set sail on the French Riviera on a breezy Sunday afternoon. Fresh and full of surprises, the floral bouquet of jasmine from Egypt and orange blossom from Tunisia, kindly intertwines with the marine notes of Mediterranean sea spray and French fucus algae. Yes, algae, and yes, this is what makes it interesting! While softened with a touch of white flowers, Azur Riviera remains an aquatic freshie that highlights minerality. After a day of sailing, the salty waters lingers on your skin making this the perfect accompaniment for easy, breezy sailing on the blue waters of the French Riviera.

    Notes include fucus algae, jasmine, orange blossom, and sea spray.

  • Sophie BerdouesBerdoues, a century-old French perfumery currently run by  Sophie Berdoues, the fourth generation heir of Berdoues. She takes the helm and unites the respect for the family heritage with her creative sensibility to inspire a new colorful, free and singular world.