January 2014: Winter's Cocoon

The parties have ended. The twinkling lights have been stored away. And moments after the old year exited in an explosion of fireworks, the new one settled around us like a thick blanket. 

This is the season of quiet. Of footsteps muffled by snow. Nature pushes us indoors to cocoon through winter’s harshest days as we think and worry and dream. 

For this month, we've chosen three scents to accompany us through this season of quiet as we prepare to emerge into a new year.

Lightscape $110
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Field Notes from Paris
Field Notes from Paris $95
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Violette Fumée
Violette Fumée Oh no! This item is currently sold out. - $330
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Field Notes from Paris sample
Field Notes from Paris sample $6
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Violette Fumée sample
Violette Fumée sample $10
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Lightscape sample
Lightscape sample $6
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