February 2020 Collection | Love Notes

February is made for love. Traditionally, the perfumer’s palette would include a myriad of floral, spice and gourmand notes to build a February-worthy fragrance of love, lust and desire. Oh yes, you will get some of those, but done in a way that is not so traditional. You will also meet two new houses: Nick Ricardo Collection and Henny Faire Co, this month! These new-to-the-scene houses are shaking it up and we love it!

The February Collection for Women offers up love notes with a twist. Start off with Angelica by Natura Brasil for a sexy burst of tuberose paired with zesty pepper, creating a fragrance with a little bit of mystery. Transition into the seductive Desire by Nick Ricardo where the spice of clean cardamom combines perfectly with wooded leather. Finish your collection with Vesca by Henny Faire Co. and see how strawberry truly is the forbidden fruit.

In the Women's Collection for February:
The February Collection for Men offers up love notes with a twist. Start off your day with Santal by Floris, which features wearable levels of spiced warmth. Light a spark with Pipe Bomb Intense by Blackbird for a sizzle of electricity in the steely night. And as the white moon rises in the black sky, feel the love of Vicuna Wool by Luigi Borrelli wrapping you close in the fibers of vetiver.



In the Men's Collection for February:


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