April 2019 Collection | Synthetic Alchemy

Natural ingredients are getting all of the attention these days. The more natural it is, the better it is, right? Not necessarily. Synthetics have a big role in modern perfumery and have made perfumery what it is today.

For the April collection, we pull back the curtain and embrace the wonderful world of aromatic molecules made in a lab. Let’s dive into chemistry and appreciate its complex simplicity by exploring a synthetic symphony in a bottle -- with some naturals for olfactive balance. Wear individually or layer them to form an aromatic DNA helix.

Want to take a deep dive into the ingredients, you can do that HERE.

In the Women's Collection for April, you will explore 3 fragrances from the molecular kitchen of Nomenclature, the New York house that celebrates the science of perfumery. 

Nomenclature shines a spotlight on a synthetic molecule but then adds in other aromachemicals and naturals to round out the fragrance. In particular, Violettyne, Paradisone and Iris Aldehyde are the stars in each one of these fragrances. 

Another spotlight for Nomenclature is their bottle. One of the most unique bottles that we have seen, the flacon is inspired by the pure, simple lines of the classic Erlenmeyer flask, as a tribute to the chemistry labs where aromatic compounds are designed. As the bottle moves, stunning hologram-like effects rise from the "impossible molecule" pattern embossed at the bottom. How cool is that?!

In the Women's Collection for April:

Fragrance tip from Danielle: when molecules are the main focus of a fragrance, that typically indicates that they will layer well together. Experiment to see what you like the best, we are loving Lumen_esce layered on top of Efflor_esce

    In the Men's Collection for April, welcome to the world of Aether. A french fragrance house that is new to Olfactif! You will discover 3 fragrances from Aether and what is so cool about Aether is that they only use synthetic molecules. With this, we find their fragrances to be simple, yet complex. Unassuming yet multifaceted. They pull you in, then they pull you closer. 

    Another love that we have for Aether is their flacon (aka bottle). It has a great weight to it, feels great in your hands and the sprayer, oh the sprayer! It gives out the perfect mist that we cannot get enough of! 

    In the Men's Collection for April:

    Fragrance tip from Danielle:   As said above, synthetic formulas are great for layering.  Experiment to see what you like the best. We are loving Citrus Ester layered on top of Aetheroxyde

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