April 2015: British Invasion!

In the 1960s, America was flooded with British pop culture. Music, fashion, movies—the UK reigned all, and we can thank the British Invasion for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Audrey Hepburn, James Bond, and the mini-skirt.

Today, we’re witnessing another invasion—this time, in British perfumery. Artisans are emerging. Historical brands are re-emerging. Sometimes the aesthetic is a British take on French tradition, and sometimes it ignores convention and makes a totally original statement. Whatever the approach, we can sum up our feelings on today’s British perfume movement in one word: brilliant.

Centrepiece $110
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Jardin Mystique
Jardin Mystique $95 $165
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Golden Chypre
Golden Chypre $395
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Centrepiece sample
Centrepiece sample $10
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Jardin Mystique sample
Jardin Mystique sample $8
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Golden Chypre sample
Golden Chypre sample $10
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