June 2013: Notes on a Journey

June 03, 2013

Eau Absolue by Mona di Orio, Eau de Tommi Sooni II by Tommi Sooni, and Eau Nomade by Thirdman.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of being elsewhere to bring the senses alive. It doesn't matter whether you're walking in a flower market in Cape Town or lost in your own city after a wrong turn—the act of removing ourselves from the routines that we do, see, hear, and smell every day makes our senses hyper-aware. And what do we do to capture these moments? The only thing we can: We photograph them. We try to steal these present moments in the hope that we can, in the future, relive something that will forever be past.

But there's another way of communicating the experience of a place: by capturing its olfactory essence.

The June 2013 collection "Notes on a Journey" is a nod to the olfactory experience of being elsewhere. In Tommi Sooni's Eau de Tommi Sooni II, you will find yourself floating along the fragrant canals of Southeast Asia. Thirdman's Eau Nomade will transport you to a bustling street market in India, where vendors squeeze fresh blood oranges and lemons, where cardamom and a dozen other jewel-toned spices are piled into fragrant little mountains in baskets. In Mona di Orio's Eau Absolue, you will find yourself beside the Mediterranean Sea where the soft summer breeze carries oranges and geraniums and grasses and earth—a place deeply rooted in the heart of this talented artist whose life and work were tragically cut short.

Each scent in this collection is an olfactory snapshot of a place and time. When you wear these scents, you are wearing someone's cherished memories of a journey. You are smelling a moment that affected someone deeply enough that they wanted to capture it and give it to you. You are experiencing their hope that you will share their joy and their unique understanding of what it means to be alive in that place, in that time.

We hope you don't just enjoy this collection. We hope that you experience it, contemplate it, and make it a part of your own memories.

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