March 2016 for Men: Land, Sea, and Air

March 01, 2016 1 Comment

It’s time to go outdoors.

Maybe you’ve spent the last few months dodging winter’s chill. Maybe you’ve embraced it and played outside at every chance. Either way, there’s no denying that spring is the kinder season. The land is softer, the sea is warmer, and the air is gentler.

This collection’s scents are inspired by some element of the outdoors: the greens that shoot from the warm earth; the stormy, salty sea; and the scent of something intriguing carried on a hot wind.

Herb Man Cologne from Dame Perfumery Scottsdale is a cool citrus aromatic scent expertly constructed around a handful of beautiful materials that smell like a morning in the warm desert. Read more...

Every Storm a Serenade from Imaginary Authors takes a coastal forest of spruce and kicks up a wind that carries a cold, salty sea spray. Read more...

Devil in Disguise by Mark Buxton begins with an unusual rhubarb note, green leaves, and spikes of citrus. It alternates between shafts of light and shadows, and its beautifully blended accords are mysterious enough to warrant the name. Read more...



We hope you have fun exploring these three selections. Happy spring!

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Mary Burrell
Mary Burrell

March 04, 2016

My favorites since I have been receiving my samples are Monsillage eau de Celeri that is nice on me and Intense Cafe. And the one called Son of God or something like that it’s nice. I love Monsillage the best. The others were too overwhelming or too masculine.

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