October 2014: A Change In The Air

October 01, 2014 1 Comment

The days are becoming shorter. The air is getting crisp. The trees are exploding into bouquets of color. And the smells—oh, the smells of fall.

Autumn bridges our seasonal extremes. And while it has its own olfactory delights—cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, smoke—it's hard to find a scent that's out of place in autumn. The days are still bright and warm, and they can carry the scent of summer's fruit and flowers. The night air is thin and cool, full of the wintery smells of spice and dry wood. So many smells suit autumn—and for lovers of scent, is there anything better? 

Our October 2014 collection, A Change In The Air, reflects this rich variety of fall-perfect scents. It starts with a gorgeous daytime fragrance that echoes the sun and warmth of early fall afternoons and progresses into deeper, richer scents that come alive in the cool night air.


Ginger Ciao by Yosh. Ginger Ciao is  a luscious scent with the perfect balance of gourmand notes and tropical floral notes, spicy enough to merit wearing on those still-balmy days of early autumn. We love that round, sweet, black coconut that headlines the top notes, and the later pairing of ginger and basil with tropical flowers is what makes this scent fascinating. Read more... 

Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors. We might as well create an Olfactif Hall of Fame and make Josh Meyer the very first inductee, because Yesterday Haze marks his fourth time as an Olfactif featured artist. But when you smell Yesterday Haze, you'll have no doubts about why we chose it. This beautiful fig-centered scent is addictive and will have you wondering how a scent you'd never smelled before can have you feeling so nostalgic. Read more...

Aperture by Ulrich Lang New York. Ulrich Lang makes perfumes that are inspired by modern photography. The photographic inspiration for Aperture is a stunner snapped by talented young photographer Olivia Bee, and the perfume is a deep, rich, olfactory interpretation that captures the colors and mood of the photo. Read more...


We hope you love this collection as much as we do. Happy autumn!




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October 13, 2014

Really LOVED this collection! The three fragrances really capture the feeling of Fall – a little woody, a little spicy, creamy, and slightly sweet/dusty. Evocative of those turning leaves and chilly nights that encourage you to be just a little bit wild before winter sets in.

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