May 2014: Awake

May 01, 2014 3 Comments

Last month's selections were united by warmth. That's because April can be a tricky thing ( she loves me, she loves me not) . But May doesn't mess around. In May, the world is finally fully awake. If you live in one of those areas where the weather didn't try your patience all winter, just know that the rest of the country is only now seeing pops of color transform the landscape that was so gray for so long.

So for May—the month when we buy fresh flowers for moms, the month when we start spotting happy brides on Saturday afternoons —we have chosen three scents to complement the season.


Eau Eternelle by S Poncet—You adored her Pleasant Promenade, and now Sabine Poncet Hernandez is back with a  springtime floral that captures Claude Monet's Japanese garden in a crystal bottle. It's all here: the pond, the floating water lilies, the soft fragrance of flowers on the warm air. As always, Sabine has created an elegant scent and presented it equally elegantly, with a handmade box that features custom artwork. 

Figue Fruitée by Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger— Long-time fans of niche perfume know something that other people haven't yet discovered: There's nothing like a gorgeous fig scent. In Figue Fruitée, French niche house Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger gives us a fig in perfect balance: slightly sweet with a hint of salty air, green and woodsy, and with a touch of creaminess against the fruity flesh of the fig. (And this niche line has a wonderful story rooted deep in the heart of Grasse and reaching back generations. More on that in our upcoming Q&A with creators Antoine and Virginie Roux.) 

Pamplemousse by DSH Perfumes—It's the citrus time of year, and we're happy to spend it doused in Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's Pamplemousse. This excellent spring/summer scent is another cult favorite, as are so many of Dawn's creations, and it caught special attention from former New York Times scent critic Chandler Burr, who described it as "crisp, luscious, edible, tangy grapefruit, becoming slightly darker as it evolves." Exactly.



We hope you love them as much as we do.


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May 07, 2014

I just tried Eau Eternelle and it smells INCREDIBLE. Slightly sweet, floral, but with a cooler, watery edge. I can really ‘smell’ the painting used to inspire the scent.


May 05, 2014

I’ve lived in Florida almost all my life, and the season I love the most is SUMMER!!! There’s just something so wondeful about the summer!!!! This collection is going to be difficult to determine which scent is going to be the best!!!! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!!

Sandi L
Sandi L

May 02, 2014

Figue Fruitee was the first fragrance I tried in this line, loved it! The citrus fig opening is blended exquisitely with the most amazing and intriguing green notes to quickly brighten any foul mood. Then the sweet candied most inspiring cedar notes take over. My love for this one has inspired me to check out this entire line. Just beautiful.

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